Government and Technology symbols Behavior

If you are a black man and you can see this try to stay out of trouble. let look at the bright future of the technology government people first time I understand that government is the one that funds people.fed and states help lot of organizations to get where they are right now. When I read about people talking bad about the system all I say they don’t understand the difference between all types of law. Technology in the public is talking long deep side by one side of the law some of them can look in our apartment without you know it.
The government not going to tell you that because they operate in secret to keep eye on us. Where I live in Jamaica queen Hollis a group of people doing that to me each day. I brings it to the attention to one side of the law they thought I need medicine. Let me brake it down little bet for you. if you can go on google and punch up addresses when it pops up you can zoom down and look at the street they give the public that what about the other side of that you don’t believe they have one for themselves to look from the sky into yours home.

When you are a black man just started to understand government symbols systematically how it works you beginning to see that not everyone in the public see the same thing people,that never has a problem with the law see the government in a good way they are the one that voted for the president to have power they believed in the system if they have any problem the law have their back. Most of the time they have money to higher lawyers, bout heights t income low income people on the flip side you have some people that don’t have money to get real lawyers system give her,or she one for free. The corruption behind that behaviors all lawyers work with the police they are not going to fight hard for young you because they all Do favor for each other sometimes you don’t have to get probation, but they will give it to you because they know you are going to brake the law again when you violate more jail time.

What about the people that get Attack by one Side of the system they see the world a little bet Different they are living with let down mind set. I am one of them that see a side of the government change me as long I live I can’t see it on other way you have to be careful when you dealings with the systems I learn there are more than twenty government organization giving orders they do what they want. Everyone is considering getting jobs started your own business
you have to deal with them. What is so strange about that each one of them has there secret own control power.

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