The biggest lie in the Bible Controversial Message

The biggest lie in the Bible yes I say it.if you are like me that never stop believing in the creator, grown up in a society that teach the way of Jesus’s Christ, you will have a opened mind understanding. As I get older I started to look forward for better Answer from what I was thought about the wisdom of Christianity and god. I keep all my Sunday School teaching continue to follow the steps of the Lord Deeply appreciate All of the knowledge I gained from the Bible studies. I remember standing up in church saying my Bible words in front of the church. What I want to describe to the world is how I wake up to the lie they have told in the Bible. One day, I was so motivated to questions what I was thought. Committed to study Each race who is there God how they was created to be honest with you it was a let down.

I learn each race have a different god how the world created in All culture man and woman No Jesus Christ in there creation myth. I look at all the Social consciousness media online to see if anyone was talking about it, not one of them was doing it. What I did I created video speak about it upload it on YouTube love leak response I get I was a mad man and some of comments was positive as well. I Continue to do more research on the Bible story one of them that no one talks about is how Adam And Eve Multiples the Hold human race. If you used DnA to Mach the bloodline of Adam and Eve Do you think that you have the same blood Type. If you look deeper into the Saturation same as Noah, and the ark after the flood Bible explain all human race was dead. noah family was the only one remain. If you don’t see the intelligent brainwashed Behaviour. Let me open your eye little every man and woman have a different bloodline remember this word DNA. Here is a other one when Cain Kill his brother Abel Holly Bible tell us that Cain run way from the land find a wife have children question is if God only create Adam’s Eve who is Cain wife mother and father. The Bible when as for to tell us wry the human race all speak a different language. A king order his slave to build a tower to the sky, they was not successful at it. God let it fall down when everyone wake up after the tower clasp they all was speaking different languages. Let be more realistic in dose day mankind have never shipped to scale from Africa to America, when Christopher Columbus came to America the Indian was here many parts of the world is the same things.

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