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You can read hundreds of books take a class how to keep your family together everything you read about never works out if you try it the reason for that you are trying what you read out on the wrong person because everyone has a different behavior if you love someone your agenda must be who I am dealing with know the attitude level commitment behavior with a little experiment show all side what type of constant the person has you tell by just how much money he or she saves or how good they get along with family let this be the first landmark in any relationship before you say I do or have a child.

In America where I live people with money when there relationship out of balance they see a counselor to build back communication in the relationship in the low income ghetto Hood they don’t do that as soon as they fight call the police move out it over most or the time the men put on child support entirely American ghetto hood behavior of men and women operate like that. I am better than the ghetto hood no I am just like them that face the same fight searching for love in the place wrongs woman wrong way of life thinking it all about having more that one woman with a big booty fast money.
From my experience I learn that to develop strong relationship with awesome women with open mind understanding she must know that I am human sometimes I lose my cool, and we can set and reason to fix the problems. Just a bet of courage communication keeps any relationship together.

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